Name of Game
Name of Game

Programming by Andrew Weber
Graphics by Andrew Weber and Dustin Miller

In Name of Game, you control a peasant who must travel through woods, villages, mountains, mines, and more to complete several missions.
You can walk around but the missions are not yet implemented.

2005-02-25 : Name of Game 0.6.2 released
Name of Game version 0.6.2 was released on Feb. 24, 2005. Changes include: more intelligent monsters, a wider variety of townspeople, the ability to reenter the town after going to the forest, the ability to view up to 23 lines of history, and more.

2005-02-18 : Name of Game in PCBurn
Name of Game 0.6.1 was mentioned in PCBurn's Friday Linux Game Update. Quote:
"Name of Game: has reached version 0.6.1. Along the way there it's picked up reasonably good graphics. Name of Game is also a top down RPG, but for single player gaming. It looks as if this is a quest based game without any quests currently, so there's still some work to be done."

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